Frugal but not Cheap

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First Addition

Welcome to my new blog. I like to think of myself as an everyday person who happens to have a hobby of getting the most out of my money. My approach is common sense, flexible, and completely my own. I hope to use this blog to jot down my ideas, and share interesting articles I have found on spending and investing. My goals in my life are to live well but simply. I hope that you find this blog to be helpful, and I hope to prove once an for all that I am not alone in this world on my thoughts.

Just a quick note. I will attempt to keep this blog to subjects on being frugal and living well, but since this is an open forum It is inevitable that I may segway into something else that may pop into my head on the subject that may go a bit off the main focus. I apologize in advance for these and hope to keep them to a minimum. Also I am a horrible speller so get over it, I will try to remember to use the spell check but I can not guarantee that it will always happen. LOL